Our research is highly interdisciplinary. We will apply advanced nano-fabrication, quantum transport and optical spectroscopy techniques to study emergent quantum physics in low-dimensional quantum materials, i.e. strong correlation, superconductivity and novel band topology etc.
In-house Capabilities
Motorized Transfer Stage
Glovebox with vdW Assembly System
Fume Cupboard
Desiccator and Asher
PECVD (Vender: Jooin-tech)
E-beam and Thermal Evaporator
Wire Bonder and Microscope
Femtosecond Laser
Dilution System (10mK, 9-3-1T magnet)
Sample Holder
Probe Station (<1e-5Pa,300-1000K)
Probe Station
Cryofree Superconducting Magnet (300mK, 12T)-to be installed
4K Cryostat-to be installed