Welcome to Xiaobo Lu Group
Affiliated with ICQM-International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University, our research group will be highly interdisciplinary. We will apply advanced nano-fabrication, quantum transport and optical spectroscopy techniques to study emergent quantum phenomena in low-dimensional quantum materials, i.e. strong correlation, superconductivity and novel band topology etc.


We have positions at different levels.

-Postdoc & Boya Fellowship

-PhD students


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Latest News
11/10/2022 - We have installed a new thermal and e-beam evaporation system in West B159.
07/10/2022 - Atomic force microscopy successfully installed in East 307, Cheers!
04/27/2022 - Our fab-lab is fully operational! Thanks to all our group members for the great work. In the next stage, we will install a second cryofree refrigerator with 300mK base temperature and 12T magnetic field, which will further extend our lab capabilities with 360° sample rotation and fast device exchange. Click here for a quick glance!
02/16/2022 - mK attained! We have successfully installed a dry Oxford dilution refrigerator with sub 10mK base temperature and multi-axis 9T/3T magnet. Cheers!