Welcome to Xiaobo Lu Group
Affiliated with ICQM-International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University, our research group will be highly interdisciplinary. We will apply advanced nano-fabrication, quantum transport and optical spectroscopy techniques to study emergent quantum phenomena in low-dimensional quantum materials. Our current interest is focused on strong correlation, superconductivity and novel band topology in graphene and other layered materials.


We have positions at different levels.

-Postdoc & Boya Fellowship

-PhD students


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Latest News
06/10/2023 - Our work on correlated CDW states in chirally twisted triple bilayer graphene was published in PRL. Cheers!
09/01/2023 - Zihao and Qiu joined our group. Welcome!
04/15/2023 - New cryostat with 1.5K base temperature and 7T magnetic field installed in our lab. The system is fitted with optical windows which will further extend our lab capabilities of cryogenic optics.
11/10/2022 - We have installed a new thermal and e-beam evaporation system in West B159.
07/10/2022 - Atomic force microscopy successfully installed in East 307, Cheers!
04/27/2022 - Our fab-lab is fully operational! Thanks to all our group members for the great work. Click here for a quick glance!
02/16/2022 - mK attained! We have successfully installed a dry Oxford dilution refrigerator with sub 10mK base temperature and multi-axis 9T/3T magnet. Cheers!